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2016-09-07 Color Style Studio 2.491
Minor interface fixes, added ready painting models.
2012-12-08 Color Style Studio 2.486
Added 25 US color collections, 20 new pre-uploaded photos
2009-09-18 Color Style Studio 2.485
Increased number of ready photos
2008-10-15 Color Style Studio 2.21
Multiple fixes, increased number of colors, modified registration method.

People Say:
"My clients enjoyed playing with your studio. The color enumeration mode is really great."
Karin Breitman, designer
"Due to the amazing color matching function we have attracted 15 more clients this month. They were impressed by how quickly we could restore lost tints."
James McCulley, colour shop owner
"Weíve tried several color picking software products including the $3,000 studio from Tikkurila. They are really good, but with your studio we can create custom collections of painted photos for each of our customers. This makes them feel special and thatís very important in our business."
Agahdel Faribroz, chief architect, Interior Design Studio
"Until I found you program, it had been really difficult for me to choose the perfect exterior paint colors for my house. Using Color Style Studio, I processed 6 photos in around 40 minutes and presto! Thank you for such a simple solution."
Rachael Keast, homeowner

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Color Style Studio 2.4  (choose effective exterior and interior paint color schemes)

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Want a window into the future?

Color-Style - choosing best house color sheme We have one for you if you're house painter, decorator, color design professional or simply want to paint your own house.

Re-color photos of house exterior or interior with Color Style Studio. See how it will look like in virtually any color combination. Select a photo of your client's house and let your clients choose their preferred paint colors. Then sit back and watch their amazement while you show them their house instantly repainted in their chosen color scheme. Have your clients choose other colors and watch as you "repaint" the house over and over again, quickly and easily. You'll close more sales when you show your customers how their house will look before you open the first paint can.

And moreover, if you do not have time to make client's house shots, just pick similar room or house from Color Style Studio's big collection of ready interior and exterior photos.

This is unique software that offers selection of colors on a big-size, clearly examined photos.

"Within 30 days of installing Color Style Studio in my shop, revenue has increased by 250%! Now I'm running a separate color-matching business based upon the power of Color Style Studio. What do you have planned next with this software? Iím anxious to upgrade!"

Stefano Ghirlanda, colour shop owner

Created for professionals in the painting, decorating and color design industries, Color Style Studio is already up and running in more than 510 paint shops and design studios in seven different countries. By allowing clients to change their minds as many times as they want, Color Style Studio offers customers an easy way to choose the most perfect interior or exterior paint color schemes. And it reduces probability of timely and costly mistakes when making color decisions.

Deliver this unique ability to your clients and watch your sales soar! Let them pick colors right on the photos of their own houses. You'll gain a strong competitive advantage while providing a wider assortment of services for your clients.

Choose colors from among such well-known color collections as California Paints Millennium, PPG, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Colortrend, RAL, Sikkens, ICI Paints, Symphony and others (115 different sets, more then 57,000 colors).

Create custom color sets to fit the specific tastes of your customers, making them return to your shop to buy unique paints over and over again.

And if you or your customers are running short on inspiration, simply let Color Style Studio generate random compositions of tints that can be applied to an object, one after another, until the perfect color combination is found! Imagine being creative all the time and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

Color-Style - choosing best house colors - Click to Enlarge Image Color-Style - matching color schemes - Click to Enlarge Image Color-Style - comparing color combinations in wide mode - Click to Enlarge Image

You can also construct your own collection of photo objects, structuring them under different themes, for those clients who do not have an available photo of their home or building. Youíll look like the pro and youíll make more sales as a result.

Display any picture on your PC monitor and make it come alive with a built-in color management system that gives you the power to calibrate your monitorís color palette with the colors of the real world. This automatic system frees you to focus on color, not color management.

Sometimes you need to find the closest match to an ungraded tint among standard color sets. Color Style Studio quickly performs searches for any possible custom color, restoring your customersí forgotten tints or matching standards that fit specific residential and business color schemes.

Calculate paint and material costs with the built-in calculator thatís designed to perform this task quickly and accurately.

Model editor - building paint fields - Click to Enlarge Image Color-Style - color selection - Click to Enlarge Image Model category editor - picking coloration model' category - Click to Enlarge Image

Color Style Studio brings clarity to the process of matching and choosing interior and exterior color schemes. It provides the ability to compare several color compositions displayed on the same photo object at one time. No more wondering which composition is the "best house color scheme." Now your client can see the hottest color combinations up close and personal making closing the sale that much easier.

Everything that surrounds us has a color. We cannot change the colors of nature, but we can unite them and create thousand of tints that re-awaken romance and passion. However, the more color schemes there are, the more questions your customers will have. But donít worry. Color Style Studio answers them all including these common questions:
  • "What is the best color to paint my house trim?"
  • "If I paint the walls and ceiling of my room in beige tints, will they be in harmony with umber furniture?"
  • "Should I paint my garage doors a different color than the soffet?"
  • "What color to paint wainscoating ?"
Color Style Studio turns the complicated process of color selection into an interesting and exciting exercise of simplicity.

Click here to try Color Style Studio FREE or invest in it safely clicking here (just US197.95$ 67.95$ due to April's experimental special sale. You save 65%!). Start to increase your painting business revenue today. Full Color Style Studio version comes with over 57,000 colors and more then 250 ready photo objects!

By ordering Color Style Studio now you will also get 7 special bonus ebooks, being sold online for $205, but yours free:

Bonus #1: Painting Do-It-Yourself For Dummies, book by McMillan, Katharine Kaye; McMillan, Patricia Hart. ($16.99 retail price, yours free)

Must have book for every professional painter. Painting Do-It-Yourself For Dummies, helps you do just that with easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedures for giving your, floors, walls, and ceilings the extreme fantastic makeover.

More than 500 photos and illustrations show you exactly how to perform each step of each procedure the right way and avoid drips, smudges, and ugly surfaces. You'll find out how to choose the best paint for the job, figure out how much paint you'll need, and use rollers, brushes, and other painting tools with skill and precision. Before you know it, you'll have the confidence and ability to tackle any household painting project with ease.

Complete with a handy list of dos and don'ts for perfecting your painting skills, Painting Do-It-Yourself for Dummies, gives you the guidance, tips, and information you need to get a professional-level outcome every time.

Building Systems for Interior Designers Bonus #2: Building Systems for Interior Designers, book by Corky Binggeli. (This book is being sold online right now for $85.00!)

The first desk reference on technical building systems for interior designers Building Systems for Interior Designers is the first book to explain technical building systems and engineering issues in a clear and accessible way to interior designers. The technical knowledge and vocabulary presented here allow interior designers to communicate more effectively with architects, engineers, and contractors while collaborating on projects, leading to more accurate solutions for problems related to a broad range of other building considerations with an impact on interior design. Information on sustainable design is integrated throughout the book, making it a relevant tool for current and emerging trends in building design.

Written in a straightforward, nontechnical style that maintains depth and accuracy, this book is the first complete text applicable to interior design courses and provides thorough preparation for the NCIDQ exam. Engaging, clear illustrations support the text, which is accessible to those without a math or physics background.

Bonus #3: The Color Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors, book by Anna Starmer. ($29.95 retail price, yours free)

An inspirational and practical reference for home decorating and design contains 150 different color scheme ideas, along with guidelines on how to select colors that will complement each other to achieve a variety of effects and tips on using color to give an illusion of space, create the right ambiance, and complement a distinctive theme or accessory.

Design expert Starmer claims to have sifted through 16 million color possibilities to produce 200 combinations fit for a king and queen and their royal family. The up-front introductions simply whet the appetite, from an abbreviated discourse on the color wheel to two all-too-short ideas on gathering inspiration by creating scrapbooks or a mood board. Then come the palette choices, separated into nine hues. Each individual palette features eight hues: one main with three variations, along with an overview and mood; room applications (e.g., living room or kitchen); ideas for accents; and highlights, whether for balance or contrast.

Bonus #4: Christmas Decorating Ideas, How to Decorate Like a Pro, for Christmas!, book by Kathy Wilson. ($9.95 retail price, yours free)

Christmas Decorating Ideas, time to get home ready for Christmas. Decorating can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. This book will give you great Christmas decorating ideas and course divided into four lessons, including step by step instructions, photos, and printables to help you on your way to a Christmas Wonderland, on a budget! Most of ideas in this book use things that you already have. By the time you're done, your home will be all decked out and ready for Christmas.

Included with this course is a printable inventory sheet for your holiday storage boxes. I highly recommend before you decorate this year, print out and tape a copy of this inventory sheet to each box. You also may want to consider keeping a copy in your decorating notebook. When you unpack this year, and when you repack after the holiday, make sure you take a complete inventory of all you own, and write it in on the sheets. This will make a quick reference for you when you shop clearance sales, make projects, or make a wish list for next year.

Interior Color By Design Bonus #5: Interior Color By Design, book by Jonathan Poore ($29.95 retail price, yours free).

Effective color selection can be a powerful element in any design. "Interior Color By Design" takes the mystery out of the color application process by: Providing over 250 color samples to experiment with different combinations Featuring over 100 full-color images that illustrate key concepts like adjacent colors and overall design Exploring the interactive effects of color combinations on interior design and archticture.

How to Photograph Architecture (Exterior) Bonus #6: How to Photograph Architecture (Exterior), tutorial by Philip Greenspun. (This book is being sold online right now for $20.95!)

An example-based tutorial on photographing buildings. Learn how to shot architecture like a Pro in 15 minutes or less!

Ornamental Borders, Scrolls and Cartouches in Historic Decorative Styles (Pictoral Archive) Bonus #7: Ornamental Borders, Scrolls and Cartouches in Historic Decorative Styles (Pictoral Archive), book by Syracuse Ornamental Company ($12.95 retail price, yours free).

A must for architectural historians, restoration specialists and vintage home enthusiasts: 1950 beautiful copyright-free line illustrations of intricately carved furniture trimmings. Delicate floral wreaths, scrolls, more.

This collection offers incredible array of elegant, finely detailed designs.

There are still bonuses left, but hurry! They are only available for the first 50 Color Style Studio owners in this week (since April 22, 2018) due to sub-licensing restrictions from the authors.

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